Classic 1700s and modern 1900s traditional tiled stoves in new production

The 1700s tiled stoves of Helsinge are a new production of  classic and popular 1740s-1800s models. The models of the angular and round tiled stoves are based on the respected models of Mariberg Porcelain-factory, that were popular in Finland and Sweden.

The shapes are timeless and fit well to the traditional taste in Finland, and we have build our collection so that each model is easily modified so that its spirit is either modern or classic, depending on, for example the working methods, raw-materials, models and hand made baroque or Gustavian stove legs that are made of birch tree.

The colours are old-while, sunny-yellow, spruce-green and cobalt-blue. These colours have proved to be the most popular, and fit well into the discreet finnish taste. The legs of the stove are delivered ready-made in wood, and can be either treated with varnish so that the grain of birch are beautifully on show, or else with flax oil which has been tinted with the desired shade.

The tiles of the angular tiled stove are representative of the typical 1700s tiled stove and measure roughly 20cm x 30cm. The tiles of the round tiled stove are roughly 23cm x 35cm. They are hand made all the way through, and their structure is very strong to add roughly 15mm of tolerance. Both angular and round traditional tiled stoves can be ordered with either legs or plinth. A tiled stove with legs can also have an added plinth.

Although a majority of our models are from 1700s and 1800s, we do have two popular models from 1900s in our collection, and also many other modern storage-models that one can inquire about. The modern examples are an angular pine tiled stove, and a round one called Kaunokki. These two have remained popular in Finland.

Our production is one of a kind. The traditional tiled stoves are made by a tile-master who is skilled in both making the tiles as well as masoning the traditional tiled stove.

Our collection of tiled stoves will answer to demand whether the client wants a classic or modern tiled stove. And whether the tiled stove is needed for a hunting hut, salon, sauna-chamber or a living room, our collection will cover your needs.

Our idea is to have on offer a traditional tiled stove for all tastes and desires. Our collection  will give the client a chance to have the traditional tiled stove that is just what he/she wants.