The tiled-stove-master Timo Nylander knows the traditional tiled stoves, the details of their structure, their tricks and secrets like the back of his hands, as he is a traditional mason in third generation. A deep understanding is not created just from putting up tiled stoves, but from those countless times of disassembling a tiled stove, and putting it up yet again. What an enormous amount of  knowledge and understanding is there hidden in the tiled stoves of the bygone times – in the customs in which they were built and constructed hundreds of years ago. Year after year the smallest details and their impacts to the entirety can be understood through working until all the unnecessary has been smoothed away, and only the essential is left to stay. This is the long road that an old-time-master of handcraft has travelled with patience and respecting the teachings and the implicit demand for quality of the masters of the old times. Master Nylander is a part of living heritage, a part of history, who with wisdom and a big heart guides the younger generation in appreciating and cherishing handcrafting.

We at Helsinge are thankful at being able to participate in the hundreds of years old tradition of the tiled-stove-masters, and work at doing things even better!