Siirretty: TILE MASTER


An architect makes his way to a potter’s clay work-shop, bringing with him some tiled stove tiles and a request. Without knowing it, the architect changes the future of the potter when the potter signs his offer to make nine tiled stove ovens to the restaurant/banquet hall of Oulun Seurahuone. The word starts spreading about a master who knows and masters the age old construction of tiled stoves. Soon there are more orders coming to the only tiled stove maker in the country, as he can possibly accept.

He closes his work shop at the north, and moves to the south, to Turunmaa, where he opens up a new work shop called Kaakelimaakari. Over the years, after a long and tight collaberation with traditional masons, Jarmo Toivonen gains a deep understanding of the workings and masonry of traditional tiled stoves, and puts this understanding into his production.

The years go by, and he produces countless tiles for traditional tiled stoves to manor houses and villas, as well as to museums and detached houses.

With patience and respect he absorbed the secrets of his trade of making traditional tiles stoves, that took shape throughout the years from 1700 to 1900. Helsinge is based on these traditions and the experience of over 25 years of master Jarmo Toivonen.