Siirretty: FIRING


A crucial part of the preparation process is the baking. After having had their struggle, fire, water, earth and soil accomplish a metamorphosis of the clay. The clay is tested, and only delicately created objects endure this ordeal intact.

In the heat of the kiln, the components of the clay stick together. The last drops of water evaporate and the feldspar attaches the quartz and kaolin together. The clay matures to be exactly how it should be, slowly in the heat of the kiln, making the tile harder and denser. This can’t be hurried. Everything proceeds according to the master’s carefully tested baking programme. Same way every time. A process that the tiled stove masters have mastered over hundreds of years of tradition.

Taking into consideration these requirements, we have built our lowbaking (lower temperature) kiln, according to precise requirements of the tiles.