Siirretty: GLAZING


Glazing is one of the most important steps in the entire process. Through glazing the tiles get their lasting beauty. A living surface, variability, and slight diversity belongs to the beautiful, timeless 1700s spirit that we cherish at Helsinge. This is achieved by pouring the glazing by hand, just like they did during the old days.

The glazing recipes are individually created over the centuries for a specific clay-mixture, and to a specific burning temperature. The creating process demands patience and enterprice from the masters, to get the required elements to be optimal. Apart from the beauty, one must take into account for example the changes in humidity and temperature, and the durability of the mechanical stress. The glazings at Helsinge are prepared from raw materials that are of the highest and purest standards, and carefully hand-picked. We don’t use ready-made glazings. Our old recipes still serve us well, as they are supreme.