Siirretty: DRYING


Commitment and tolerance is needed when the labour master goes around the workshop at the end of the day, turning and inspecting the stove tiles.

He knows the conditions that must be kept at the drying room. The ventilation must be constant, and the temperature and humidity balances must under control, so that the traditional stove tiles will dry just right. At the end of the day every tile must be turned and straightened. This is necessary as the tiles will bend and twist while they dry. We are passionated about our profession, and therefore make sure that the standard is high all the way through. When the tiles are dry, the labout master will check every singe tile, and only the best will be accepted.


We pride ourselves with our traditional handicraft tiles and oven, and all the stages of our work that are like they were before the age of machinery. One confession we have to make – it’s slow and prolonged to make them – like all that is good and lasting.