Siirretty: FORMING


Building with hands is a way of working that exudes the almost forgotten customs of the past, lasting quality, aethetic harmony, and that uncompromising relentlesness that accomplishes uniqueness. We are proud to build by hand like our predecessors in their handicraft factories and work shops.

A traditional tile maker knows the traditions and hundreds of years old skills of his trade by heart. Sempiternal tools dissolve as part of his hand when the tile-master works with seamless collaboration of his hand and eye, and the clay becomes a traditional tile.

Things could be done in a more simply, but this is not our style. Only the best is accepted. This is the way that both the master and his masters have worked for as long as anyone can remember. Thankful to the chain that he too belongs to, he is uncompromising and resilient like a willow in the wind of time.

A the end of the day it’s proudness that unites us at Helsinge. We promise that the inconvenience, patience and love that we feel in our handicraft traditions, is transferred into the tiles that we make.