Siirretty: CLAY


The sensibility of a composer and the understanding of a conductor is needed from the developer of the clay-recipe. Nothing is meaningless, everything affects everything, and that is why he knows the impact of adding and subtracting to a minute detail.

For hundreds of years the masters were looking for a perfect recipe for clay. One ingredient at a time the correct ingrediants were found, making the tile strong, but yet porous enough for the tiled stove master to grind it with his tools.

As a nurturer of the traditions of Helsinge, the artisan tiled stove master Jarmo Toivonen has a 25-year experience of mixing the the right ingrediants and amounts, to achieve a 

perfect harmony. In our countryside workshop, he moves from pot to another, adjusting the smallest nuances of the clay, according to the traditions of hundreds of years. Tirelessly he keeps up the style of Helsinge, accepting only the best.