The style of the traditional Helsinge tiled stoves is born at the end of a very special drafting process. Timeless beauty and elegance, a finished classifying system and studied proportions create a balanced and harmonious impression that doesn’t have anything either too much or too little. Decorated tiles, the sizes of the tiles, the suitability of colours and shades, as well as the surface and the volume all create an unparalleled effect. It’s just this special care of details that lifts the traditional tiled stove above the rest.

A special attention is paid to the layout as a whole, that essential moment in designing the traditional Helsinge tiled stove, when the master designer’s strokes of pen give the breath of life to a traditional tiled stove. The end result is refined and polished, in one word, masterly. Every stroke and line in their place, ready to be converted from ink to clay.