Siirretty: DETAILS


The details of a traditional tiled stove are based on functionality and beauty. The defining feature of the traditional tiled stove is a classic brass hatch, with its turned hinges, inner hatches, and delicate decoratations. A black cast iron hatch emphasises the uniqueness and the large amount of handicraft that goes into the stove. As for the details to be chosen by the client, there is for example the ventilation hatch on top of the stove, the plate controller with its chains and knobs, and the ashdump door. If one wants a dated look, it’s possible to leave a few loose tiles next to the firebox, and the chimney sweeper can take them out if needed. The look is then finished by a fireguard that is made of either marble, limestone or sheet metal. The atmosphere of the inimitable traditional tiled stove is created with the details.