The character of time is as mysterious as the pointer on a clock face. Once it starts its journey, it will come back once again. We believe in the future of national handcraft and quality. 

Amidst all the business and a culture of disposable, we need anchors to time. Something that reminds us of permanence in the middle of  the changes. We are used to the changes in weather. Darkness follows light and wind calm. A time has come when people are becoming more aware of cherishing that which is old and known to be reliable and long lasting. Instead of something that is disposable we want something that lasts from generation to the next and is repairable. And we don’t mind if we save the nature and our wallets at the same time.

A traditional tiled stove is long lasting, and promises to its user a piece of eternity or at least hundreds of years. The methods of traditional building are not old-fashioned but still modern as they work the best. We often throw something old away when we receive a new one, although the old could have been mended. When you add a calm and warm atmosphere to this high quality, a happy burning of a fire, a smell of a smoke and cracking of the resin, there is just no comparison. We firmly believe that the traditional tiled stoves are still made and the old ones repaired – when the modern element ovens are long gone!