Siirretty: JOINTWORK


Seamed style emphasises the handcrafted stove- impression of 1800th century. A handcrafted traditional tiled stove communicates rarity and dignity, with its difference and richness in nuances unvailing the large portion of handcrafting. The tiles are modified minimally because of their preciousness. Gaps are left between the tiles to be filled in. The grout is made of whiting, titanium white pigment and water, and once the consistency is smoothly elastic, it’s perfect for the tile gaps.

The seamless style gives the appearence of 1850s, edge joint without grout. Machine made tiles were exact, and came often with surpluss, which was hammered and grinded while being masoned. In that case also the grout as an enhancement fades out abnormalities. Preferance decides. Both styles fit both modern and classic setting. We here at Helsinge offer both styles.