Siirretty: MASONRY


A heritage mason is the elite of masons. Hundreds of years of experience can be seen in the handcraft tradition that he has enherited. This is partly why he ralates to traditional tiled stove with passion and seriousness, and feels great professional proudness over the work he carries out. His methods aim at operational reliability and endurance, exactly like during the good old days. He will only agree to use clay and sand in his clay mortar, as he knows that anything else will not withstand the test of time, not cement anyway. He knows how to work the different phases of working on the tiles; thinning of the sides with tileknife and hammer, and grinding without damaging the glazing. He knows how to bundle the tiles together and to the brick structure inside the stove. A traditional mason masons from one to two layers per day, so that the clay has time to set. When a week or two has passed, the new tiled stove is ready for use for the next hundred or so years.